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Do you lack the time to check through every detail of every document before it's printed?

Do you lack the experience, the skills or the expertise to proofread or edit?

Does it cost too much to hire a full-time employee? Would a freelancer be more cost-effective?

Now you can have an affordable proofreader or editor of your own.
When you want. As you want.

Businesses, authors, students, publishers, charities, organisations, letter writers, institutions, website creators...everyone needs clear, effective and professional communication skills.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and once that document has been printed and delivered to your client, tutor, or potential customers, there's no going back!

Spot mistakes before it's too late.

Fresh eyes can identify mistakes that you, as the author, have missed. Writers are so familiar with their own work that they are tempted to skim over parts, failing to spot the errors. A motivated proofreader anticipates mistakes.

A skilled, conscientious, thorough and reliable proofreader or editor can make the difference between a successful project and a costly disaster.

I have the knowledge, the patience, and the meticulous eye for detail that can save you from reprinting those incorrect documents over and over again.

Save money, time and effort.
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